Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hike #10: Willow Springs Trail, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest - Attempt #2

Length: 8 miles

After my failure to find the Willow Springs Trail on my last visit, I decided that it was worth a second attempt. With the knowledge from my first attempt, this time staying on the correct path was no problem!

The actual Willow Springs Trail was a very nice journey. Although there wasn't nearly the amount of wildlife as on the other "trail" I mistakenly followed, the real trail did provide an abundance of wildflowers and scenic bogs. However, the highlight of the trail was Willow Springs Lake - a small man-made lake, which the trail hugs for about 3 miles.

The Willow Springs Trail makes for an excellent summer hike. At an elevation of 7,600 ft, there is a constant breeze (which when coming across the lake can be down right cold!) Had it been a little warmer, I might have been sad not to have any swimwear...the lake's amazingly clear water is definitely beckoning. The only drawback to this trail is that the last couple miles follow a rather bland path carved for a series of electric lines - not exactly the greatest of scenery after the beauty of the bogs and lake.

To see more picture of the Willow Springs Trail, click here.

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  1. Whew, glad to see you are still hiking. Seriously, you are sticking it out waaay longer than I thought. And why wouldn't you? It seems BEAUTIFUL there!

    Sorry I missed your call :(