Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hike #36: Horton Creek Trail, Tonto National Forest

Length: 5 miles

Well, the thing I most feared finally happened...I got about 50 miles outside the Phoenix area when I suddenly realized that I hadn't brought my camera! Had I been by myself, I might have considered just turning around and forgetting the hike; however, since I was with a friend, I decided that it would probably be best just to continue onward. I did, however, decide to alter my hiking plans so that I repeated a previous hike rather than continue to a completely new trail without the ability to record my adventure photographically!

I had originally hoped to hike the Fossil Creek Trail just north of Payson near the town of Strawberry; instead, I chose to re-hike the Horton Creek Trail just 20 miles east of Payson. My last visit to Horton Creek was in the Fall, so the warmer Spring weather did provide a completely different perspective. The trail still provided the same dramatic views of the creek as is cascades down the mountain-side. However, on this trip, there was the added beauty from an abundance of wildflowers; I wish I could have identified more of them, but the only ones I could definitely identify were the numerous pink wild roses!

Although I did remember the fantastic views of Horton Creek, I somehow failed to remember the significant incline of the trail! The full length of this trail (to the spring) is approximately 8.5 miles roundtrip. Unfortunately, I decided against hiking the whole trail, instead choosing to turn around after 2.5 miles.

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  1. Horton Creek is a wonderful hike in Arizona! I haven't hiked this one in some time, but remember getting lost here about four or five years ago. The water was crystal clear and had beautiful scenery. Tonto National forest is full of wonderful hikes. I couldn't believe the amount of water gushing from the rim. I found that this trail took me longer than I would expect, due to having to find my way through the rocky gravel near the creek.