Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hike #4: Lynx Lake and Lynx Lake Ruins Trail, Prescott National Forest

Length: 4 miles

Lynx Lake is just an hour and a half northwest of Phoenix in the small town of Prescott. The lake itself was quite beautiful and very busy with both boaters and fishers. The trail itself was very easy...and almost mundane. At least half of the trail was paved with a nice sidewalk, and the other part was very well marked. However, I would recommend ditching the main trail and exploring some of the trails that lead into the forest - away from the activity of the lake. One particularly good trail followed this shallow stream and provided amble chances to cross from bank to bank over fallen logs and large rocks.

In addition to the route around Lynx Lake, we also visited the short Lynx Lake Ruins Trail. This trail leads to the ruins of a small pueblo, thought to have been populated by a small group of Indians from 1100-1350. Now, while this might sound interesting, the ruins are nothing more than a massive collection of rocks - which at one time were apparently a group of stone houses. Although the forest service has erected a nice observation deck overlooking the ruins and the surrounding mountains, the view was somewhat ruined by the many houses that have been built on the edges of the forest. My recommendation is to forget the Ruins Trail altogether!

For more pictures of the Lynx Lake, click here.

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  1. You seriously get some gorgeous shots. You are going to be in such awesome shape from all this hiking every weekend!