Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hike #5: Ranch Trail, Prescott National Forest

Length: 3 miles (just a part of the full trail)

The Ranch Trail runs through the Prescott National Forest just off the main road to Lynx Lake. Although the trail is easy to follow with several log benches along the way for well-deserved rests, the scenery from the trail left a lot to be desired! As with the other areas of Prescott Forest that I observed, there was just far too much development in the mountains surrounding the forest. I'm sure the people who own those houses have lovely living room views of the forest - but for the average hiker, these houses have ruined most of the landscape.

I would personally recommend just skipping the Ranch Trail. The trail didn't have many trees in the immediate vicinity, so there was very little shade....which made for a rather warm hike. The lack of trees also provided room for other, smaller vegetation....which mainly amounted to tall unattractive wild grasses. Overall, it just wasn't worth the time and energy.

To view more pictures of the Ranch Trail, click here.

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