Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hike #8: West Clear Creek Trail, Coconino National Forest

Length: 8 miles

After seeing the West Clear Creek Trail included on multiple "best trails" lists, I decided that I had to see what all the hype was about. Fortunately, I can say that the West Clear Creek Trail completely lived up to its reputation!

The trail, which as the name suggests follows the West Clear Creek, provides lush green forests, beautiful red cliffs, and multiple chances for water excursions! (In fact, you'd better bring your water shoes along because the trail crosses the creek 4 different times. And trust me, you'll want to wear your water shoes at each crossing...after walking a mile in soaking wet hiking boots, I can personally attest to this!) I would also recommend wearing/bringing swimming apparel so that you can take the time and actually enjoy a cool dip in the water.

The West Clear Creek is a little busy at its start with swimmers, but the further you get from the trailhead the more secluded it becomes. In fact, when first entering the Wilderness area there are so many trails leading to the creek that it can be hard to stay on the main "West Clear Creek Trail". I personally would recommend skipping the first part of the established trail and enjoying a relaxing hour of exploration along the creek. Just know that you can always find the main trail by working your way left from the creek.

To view my photos of the West Clear Creek Trail, click here.


  1. Wow, that really is pretty. And that first pic is such a great shot. I didn't realize you were an experienced photog as well.

  2. Have you done Sycamore or Fossil Creek? That would complete a great set of AZ creek adventures! Nice work.